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Friday, June 3, 2011

Top 10 Dream Jobs

War Correspondent
These guys are total bosses. They bring the truth of wars and conflicts to light, something a news anchor sitting in a comfy studio can never hope to achieve. They live gritty and dirty, like the soldiers on the front line. It’s a very dangerous job but I believe that showing war how it really is, grotesque and dehumanizing, can enlighten people as to why they should not be waged.

Food Critic
I love food and I love cooking. I’ve been hooked on “Bizarre Foods”, “Man vs Food”, and the other food shows on TLC forever. How else will you get to go to awesome restaurants and eat awesome food for free?

Fighter Pilot
I’ll be like Maverick from “Topgun”. Only sexier.

I’m really interested in all that stuff. Bigfoot, Jersey Devil, all those creatures will live in fear knowing that I’m out looking for them.


Ever since I saw Jurassic Park when I was a kid I've been fascinated with dinosaurs. You get to go to all these cool places and dig up bones that are millions of years old. Sounds good if you’re the down and dirty type.


I love writing, particularly creative writing. Every time I get an idea for a story I write it down in a special notebook so I don’t forget. One of those ideas just might make me a millionaire someday.


Photography is another hobby of mine that would be nice to make money with. With my art background I know how to get good composition, lighting, and color effectively.


I can see it now. Me and Gong Li do a romantic comedy about a hot female CEO of a Chinese company and the young laowai who they hire for kicks. It’ll be hilarious!

Travel Show Host
I wouldn’t just go to the major tourist destinations like Italy or France. I’d go to Tonga or Sri Lanka. Places where no one goes. How many shows about Paris or Tokyo do I have to watch on TLC? I’m tired of it! My show will be like if Bear Grylls did 'Bizarre Foods.'

Tattoo Artist
I love tattoos. I have one that covers my upper left arm and I actually designed a few for some friends at college. It’s cool to be able to put your art on someone for life. Hopefully the tattooist is good though.

If only I could do all those things in one life time! What would you choose? Let me know in the comments.

Travel in China,


  1. Cool!

    But I think that instead "archaelogist" you meant "paleontologist" ;-)

  2. You're right! I corrected it. You might consider doing a list of your own?

  3. My fantasy is too poor to make a list from 10 items ))