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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bucket List #3 - Africa

Here’s the next part in the epic Bucket List series.

Cape Verde A former Portuguese colony, Cape Verde is an island country off the western coast of Africa. Tourist attractions include white sandy beaches, diving, windsurfing, sailing and hiking. There’s also a volcano! Ooooohhh.

Ruins of Carthage, Tunisia Carthage was once a Mediterranean super power before it was destroyed by the Romans. They also sacrificed children to their dark gods so maybe they had it coming. Regardless, it looks really interesting.

Truly an ancient land! I’d travel all over. Some locations on my list are Alexandria, Siwa, Giza, Luxor and maybe even a cruise on the Nile River. Of course I’d have to get a tan and grow a beard so I’d fit in and not look quite so American.

It’s every child’s dream to go on safari. Good thing Kenya has several National Parks and preserves with some of the best tours available on the continent. I’ve seen pictures of the Great Rift Valley and I have to say it’s pretty spectacular.

Aside from the pristine beaches, wildlife parks, luxury hotels and a 160 ft statue, Senegal claims to be leading the African Renaissance. I guess I should go see what it’s all about.

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania One of the largest mountains in the world, some have said that it is second only to the Himalayas in terms of skill required to trek. I might have to leave Jen at home for this one.

Antananarivo, Madagascar Already a developed city even before the colonial age, Antananarivo is centrally located on the island and only a short distance away from the mountain jungles. Or you could go to the beach and lay in the sun if you wanted to be lame.

Mauritius is awesome. It’s an island off the east coast of Madagascar that is renowned for its coral reefs, sport fishing, beaches, and all that great stuff. You probably couldn’t find a better spot for a tropical vacation. And the people are super nice.

Sahara Desert, Morocco When most people think of a desert this is what they imagine. A barren wasteland of sand and wind. I want to walk around in it and ride a camel with some traveling Berber merchants. Something cool and adventurous like that.

That’s it for Africa! There are other places I would like to visit but as we all know, Africa is a dangerous place. So until they get there mess squared away I won’t have any part of those places. I’m talking about you, Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, Congo, other Congo, Ivory Coast, and Zimbabwe! Please, follow me and leave a comment. There’s plenty more still to come.

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  1. Aside from Tanzania, Senegal, and Kenya you've managed to pinpoint the most developed countries in Africa. Well done.

    Also I forgot something on my list; Dubai, look it up and shit brix

  2. Dubai is on my Asian bucket list. Maybe it'll be up later this week.