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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bucket List #5 - Asia

Welcome to the next installment in the ridiculously popular bucket list series. Here we go.

Moscow, Russia
Moscow has been the seat of power in Russia for centuries and the center of the Red Menace back in the Cold War so of course I’ll have to check it out.

St. Petersburg, Russia
I like the look of St. Petersburg. It’s like a Russian take on a classical West European city. Culture, culture, culture.

Astana, Kazakhstan
Astana is the capital and second largest city of Kazakhstan. It’s also among the most developed cities in all of the former Soviet Republics in central Asia. Just look at it. It’s beautiful!

Bethlehem, Palestine
For personal and religious reasons I feel like I should go to the birthplace of Jesus. Maybe I’m just old fashioned like that.

Same reason as Bethlehem. It’s amazing to me that people have been fighting and killing each other since the beginning of civilization over this tiny strip of land. I suppose I should go see what all the fuss is about.

Dubai, UAE
One of the world’s growing mega-cities. All the architectural designs that other countries have deemed too crazy to be built get the green light here. Little known fact, the famed Burj Khalifa is copied from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Mile High Illinois, a super-building proposed in 1956.

Goa, India
A true paradise! It’s full of white sandy beaches, temples and World Heritage sites.

Shimla, India
Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Shimla is a very popular tourist city. There are many places worth checking out in the city and if you get tired of that you can hike up in the mountains. Just watch out for the monkeys. They like to steal stuff.

Xinjiang, China
I have a thing about deserts. I like them. The Uyghur people have a culture and way of life that’s all their own and is totally different from the Han dominated regions to the East.

Tibet, China
It just looks awesome. I’ll wrangle a snow leopard while I’m over there. And then we will dance. Until the sun rises.

Chongqing, China
There are several attractions to see, both natural and man-made. I’ve also heard that Chongqing has the hottest girls in all of China so maybe I should scope it out. Of course I’ll have to do it stealthily if Jen’s with me.

Harbin, China


Shanghai, China
The major international city of China. They call it the World’s Port. Shanghai has a long history of integration with the other cultures of the world and I would go there more for that than anything else. Maybe a little partying too but whatever.

Beijing, China
Ah! Beijing! I gotta check out those week-long traffic jams and hordes of people. Zerg rush!

Nanning, China
I really like southern China. The climate is similar to where I’m from and I find the tropical landscape to be very beautiful.

Angkor, Cambodia
When most people think of Cambodia I guess the only image that comes to their minds is Angkor Wat. And with good reason. It’s pretty spectacular.

Bangkok, Thailand
Southeast Asia’s premier party city, Bangkok has just about everything you could want. If you’re into sightseeing then you’re in luck and if you dig the party scene then you couldn’t have picked a better place. Just be careful though. Some of those ladies might not be ladies.

I’m curious about Taiwan. I’ve heard that its Chinese culture is more Chinese and hasn’t been corrupted in the way that it has in the PRC. Maybe I should go see if they’re right.

Like most younger people these days, I went through a phase where everything that came out of Japan was awesome. Those feelings have since died down but I’m still fascinated by the country and it’s history/culture.

I have several friends in the Philippines and after seeing their pictures on facebook I’m itching to get over there and play in the crystal clear water and climb jungle mountains.

Seoul, South Korea
Forging a permanent partnership with the US certainly paid off for them. South Korea is one of the most developed countries in the world but it hasn’t lost its culture and uniqueness.

It's been a long haul. Next and last is Oceania. Thanks to everyone who kept up with this series. Please subscribe and leave a comment!

Travel in China,

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