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Friday, May 6, 2011

Bucket List #1 - North America

I was inspired by KaiWen’s post. Instead of a bunch of activities my Bucket List is all about places I would like to go to. There will be a post for each continent because unlike Kaiwen, I just can’t cut it down to 20 or less destinations. Assuming I won $300 million tomorrow these are the places on my itinerary.

Appalachian Trail, Eastern US As far as I know it’s the longest hiking trail in the world that stretches 2,181 miles from Maine to Georgia. There’s even an extension that goes up through Canada to the ocean. It’s seen as the “Triple Crown” of hiking trails and whoever completes it in its entirety gains bragging rights for the rest of eternity.

Biscayne Bay, Florida Part of the Biscayne National Park, it’s home to Bottlenose Dolphins, Manatees, and one of the largest Coral Reefs in the world. 95% of the park is water and common activities include sport fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, camping, and boat tours. Stuff I’m all about.

New York City, New York One of the world’s great mega-cities, NYC is almost a country unto itself with a life unlike anywhere else. Every culture in the world is present and makes its own distinctive mark on the city. Truly a melting pot!

Boston, Massachusetts Boston is a classic northern city known for its theatre and visual arts and boasts several of America’s top art colleges. I really like the look of the city, especially during the fall when all the leaves turn orange and red. I think it really complements the colonial architecture.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts Originally used as a landmark for colonists, Cape Cod has become a booming summer town with some of the best beaches on the east coast and a popular destination for sports fishermen. The beach culture is awesome.

Old Quebec, Canada Formally the center of French power in the New World, Old Quebec is the oldest neighborhood of Quebec City and I believe is the only walled city left in North America.

Baffin Island, Canada It’s the 5th largest island in the world and has a population of 11,000. Polar Bears, Arctic Foxes, Arctic Wolves, seals and many other animals call the island home. Amazingly, BASE jumping has become the favorite pastime of the local people.

Bay of Fundy, Canada The bay has the most extreme tides on the planet, averaging 17 meters. The shoreline is a national park dominated by a lush Acadian forest.

Badlands, South Dakota A wasteland of eroded rocks and dry riverbeds, the badlands have been home to Native Americans, homesteaders and deadly snakes. It’s also full of dinosaur fossils.

Everglades, Florida This is one of the fastest disappearing habitats in the world and I’d like to see it one last time before it’s too late. If you can get used to the heat, mosquitoes and plethora of incredibly dangerous creatures you just might enjoy yourself. =D

Great Plains, Midwest US I’ve always wanted to go somewhere that you couldn’t see anything but flat ground for as far as the eye could see. I think I’ve found it. Just watch out for the buffalo herds.

Hawaii Hawaii is the top dream vacation for most Americans for a good reason. It’s freakin’ awesome. I’d go to the beach, take a volcano tour, go jungle hiking, all that jazz.

Kodiak Island, Alaska While it’s mostly known for being home to the largest land predator on Earth the island is also recognized as having rich biodiversity. The majority of the island is covered in trees and mountains while the coast is settled by fishermen.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Philly was the capital of the Revolution back in the day and is a cultural center of the US. The city is home to many arts academies, universities and museums. Gotta love that colonial feel to the city.

San Antonio, Texas As most Americans know, Texans have A LOT of pride for their country and their state. The Texan culture is unique I think, so much so that they might as well just be another country. I’ve heard nothing but good things about San Antonio.

Sierra Nevada, California I got a thing for mountains. These mountains have some of the best ski resorts in the world and are prime hiking territory if you think you’re up to the challenge.

Victoria, Canada I really like the look of this city. Something about it just grabs my attention. It’s a small city with country charm. If that makes sense. It’s located on Vancouver Island which is crawling with Sasquatches.

That's it for North America. Was there something that you think should have made the list? Let me know what you think. I'll update soon with Central and South America.

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  1. How is it your able to find much better pictures?

  2. Google images yo. I thought your pics were fine.

  3. How much will a little island in Hawaii cost?

  4. More money than I can even comprehend.

  5. I grew up outside of Philadelphia and realize how valuable the history and culture is more so now, even though it was NOt my choice to leave and come to Central (boring, financially depressed, and forever hot) Florida