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Saturday, March 26, 2011

About Libya...

Just because I'm sick of hearing about it. I think that it's a terrible idea for America to help the Libyan rebels. And I know you can make the case about "saving the people from their leader" and all that but I'm totally against it. They rebelled, knowing that Qadhafi had more tanks, planes, artillery, and guns than they did but they chose to fight anyway. A month ago they were very adamant about the imperialist colonial governments (all the countries who were actually willing to help) minding their own business. One week later when they start losing they practically beg for help. To me that shows that they are willing to kill for democracy but not willing to die for it. If you aren't willing to die for it then you don't deserve it. And yes, Qadhafi is a bad guy, there's no denying it. He's a terrible human being and I'm sure that he'll get what he has coming eventually. But do I think that the US should be helping people who the majority of supported the 9/11 terrorists attacks? Or think of the Lockerbie bomber as a hero? Or sent more foreign fighters to Iraq to attack coalition soldiers than any other country? Nope. Let Qadhafi destroy them. He's our man anyway. He might talk a lot of smack but in the end he does what he's told. I guarentee that if the NATO airstrikes were to stop tomorrow the rebels would be on the ropes the next day. They don't deserve to win. This is my opinion and I'm sure the more compassionate people out there will completely hate me but there it is.

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