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Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting there. bleh

Traveling to China was a nightmare. Ok. It wasn't that bad but I was pushed to my limits. From the beginning. I had to wake my mom up at 5 AM so she could drive me to the airport but if you knew her you would realize what an incredible feat this is. It also didn't help that I was too excited to sleep so I only got maybe 2 hours of shut-eye. My mom was a zombie so I had to drive us the airport and got lost a few times but we managed to get there just in time to check in and gothrough security.

The 3 hour flight from Savannah, GA to Chicago was uneventful except for this mean old lady who kept trespassing into my foot space. >:[ So I get to O'Hare airport or as I like to call it, HELL. This place was a huge mess when I was there. The first and hopefully the last time I'll have to pass through that place. Urrrrgggg...... I had to wait a few hours for the flight to Hong Kong and while I was waiting I couldn't help but notice this Vietnamese girl who kept looking at me. I pulled out a book (an awesome book about huge Megalodon sharks that eat people!!!!) and tried to pass the time. A little while later the terminal is filling up and white folks are few and far between. The girl comes and sits next to me. She was cute and all but I didn't say anything for a while until a bunch of people went to the service desk and since I'm such a noob when it comes to international travel I asked her if we had to check in. I fell into her trap and she struck a conversation with me. She was nice but I forgot her name about 6 seconds after she told me. It was something really Vietnamesish. The time passed by quickly and we boarded the plane, we ended up several rows apart. I was supposed to have a window seat but when I got to my row some douchbag was in my seat and when I tried to raise Hell about it he pretended not to know English so I ended up sitting in the aisle.

The flight lasted about 17 hours. I don't think I've ever been so close to just having a nervous breakdown. Despite the fact that my eyes were nearly bleeding from exhaustion I think I slept for maybe an hour. All 5 movies they showed were crappy chick-flick romantic comedies. The guy in my seat insisted on taking his shoes off for the duration of the flight. He had dirty socks. A lot of people chose to walk around the cabin but I preferred to just let my ass go into a coma. That Vietnamese girl came by my seat and said something to the effect of "Hey, you've been sitting down this whole time. Come on, get up and walk around." She walked back towards the bathrooms. More on that in a bit. So we landed in Hong Kong, a HUGE airport. Rediculous. We disembarked and didn't see the girl anywhere so I just went ahead to the currency exchange booth and got some RMBs. When I turned around the Vietnamese girl was there with a stern look on her face. This is the ensuing conversation:

Her- What happened?


Her- I invited you to the bathroom but you didn't come!

Me- Huh?

Her- I was ready to have sex with you!

Me- O_0 Yiiiiiiiiiikes.......... It's about time for me to be hitting the ole' dusty trail......

I had to use some Navy Seal evasion techniques to escape. If I wasn't a decent guy with a good head on my shoulders I don't know what I'd do! After hiding in the smoking lounge where she couldn't find me for a while I went to the boards to see if my flight was on time.


So I got lost and had to get help from this super nice security guy. I have to say most Communists are a lot nicer than most westerners think. I didn't really even have to go through Customs. I just went through security and they waved me through. I caught the plane to Guangzhou and had to go through immigration with a bunch of Iranians and Turks. 0_o The stereotype is true. They do smell. Like cabbage. After I made it through I met up with Juan and her friend Candy who took me to my hotel. Juan stayed with me for a few hours and I tried to teach her a little more English. Not sure how successful that was . She was really shy at first but I had to convince her to go home for the night after her mom kept calling to see where she was. After she left I passed out on the rock hard bed and slept that exhausted sleep where you don't even dream. So tired!

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