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Friday, June 25, 2010

Going to China! Shazaam!

About 6 or 7 months ago I got out of a really bad relationship with a girl from my school. I know a lot of guys say that their ex-girlfriends are crazy but this one seriously was. She was like, dangerous crazy. Mental issues, you know? After I broke that off I wanted to try something new. Get a fresh start. So I met this Chinese girl and we stayed in touch through this dating site called cherryblossoms.com. You probably haven't heard of it. It's kind of obscure. It's a world dating site with people from all over. I even saw chicks from Pakistan! There's still kind of a taboo about internet dating in America. If you tell someone you're talking to a girl over the internet they're likely to give you a weird look and some hurtful words. :'( Whatever. So we started sending some messages back and forth and eventually started contacting each other through private emails.

Then, after I learned some Mandarin Chinese (just a tiny bit and with God-awful pronunciation I'm sure) I gave her a call and I don't think anyone was ever been so happy to talk to me before. I wish everyone was so excited to talk to me! After that I made it a point to call her once or twice a week as my schedule allowed and then I started making plans with her to visit in June. While waiting for the time to pass we emailed each other several times a week, IMing, video chat and talked on the phone. Then as the time drew nearer to leave I got some presents for her (her name's Siwei/Juan by the way. (See-way/Jwen)) including a teddy bear that I made for her at Build-a-Bear Workshop and a sketchbook that I put some poems and drawings in. Intro's out of the way. On with the story!


  1. I would never think that online dating is frowned upon in U.S. - that's quite surprising!

  2. I know! We need to get with the times!