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Saturday, December 11, 2010

So sorry!

Hey cool dudes. I know, I know, I know. I haven't updated in forever. And after I said I would be more dutiful about it. That was my bad. But now I'm out of school and there should be NO excuse for not updating regularly. And I've decided to make this a less focused blog instead of talking all about my travels. Sometimes a guy just feels like telling people what he had for breakfast. You know? I hope it won't get that droll but I'll see what comes up. Lately I've been photographing some of the sights to see around where I live which happens to be one of the oldest settlements in the United States at 400+ years old. And I have my next China trip coming up in February! I'll be gone from Jan. 31 to Feb. 22. And I'll make sure to fully document my time there in words AND in my new camera that I'm getting for Christmas and am not supposed to be aware of. ;) It's mad awesome. It can record HD video and can take panoramic shots. That'll come in handy when I'm at the top of some of those new skyscrapers in Guangzhou.

I just posted some more pics from China since it's been so long after the trip I wouldn't be able to recall in detail everything that happened. Honestly, about a third of the time I was there Juan's male friends and family had me in a drunken stupor. Snake Wine's a hell of a drink! If you're interested in hearing more about living in China and all that good stuff check out some of the blogs I've linked to. Crystal Tao's LoveLoveChina is very interesting and Lao Wai Wen Shen has some good info from an average Joe. And he's into tattoos which is pretty beast. I'll update again soon! Like, tomorrow soon. Peace in the middle east.

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