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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Things to do, people to see

A lot of Americans are fascinated by other countries. Everyone always talks about going to Paris or Berlin or Rome and yes, those are very nice places with a lot of history to them but Americans, and people in general, tend to overlook the special places in there own backyard. I'm from a small town called Beaufort, SC on the east coast of the states that also happens to be one of the oldest settlements in the New World at 400+ years old. And I went to college in Savannah, GA, a nearby city that was just as old. Despite the country's young age (which foreigners always seem to hold over America's heads for some reason) a lot of history has happened here, especially in the south east. French and Indian War, the Revolution, Civil War, Civil Rights Movement. I'm also a big fan of the colonial architecture. Even if most of the houses are rumored to be haunted. One of my favorite stories is about the notorious and bloodthirsty pirate, Blackbeard.

So what if he didn't finish grade school (truth), he still captured more ships and killed more people than you ever could. This guy blockaded one of the most important port cities in the Americas, held the population hostage, made off with a mountain of ransom money and THEN got a royal pardon! If that story doesn't get you some booty then nothing will.

Aside from the usual pirate stories and haunted house tours there are cathedrals and churches, synagogues and citadels, forts and plantations. Personally, I'm a military history nerd so I love checking out the fortress museums. But it's not all about old stuff either. There are at least two art museums in Savannah. One is for modern art and the other is mostly for neo-classic stuff from the late 1800's so there's something for everyone. Check it out if you're in the area!

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