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Thursday, May 19, 2011

5 TV Shows I'm Hooked On

The Office (US)
After I started getting tired of Family Guy, a friend of mine recommended The Office. I typically don’t watch cable and almost never watch popular shows simply because I think that most of them are terrible. I was sick and bored one day so I decided to give the show a chance. It’s fantastic. The first few episodes are a little slow but it picks up and the actors are hilarious. It was easy to identify with because I worked with people just like the guys from the show. If you haven’t seen it then you really should consider watching a few episodes. Six seasons are available right now on Netflix instant play.

Lost Tapes
This show is on Animal Planet but it should be on Sci-Fi. Each episode deals with a cryptozoological animal like Bigfoot or the Jersey Devil. And it’s done through the “found footage” style of film making where sometimes the people get killed by a creature and the cops find the film and make a documentary out of it. Get it? At first it might come off as campy but I’m very interested in the subject matter and it does have some legitimate scary moments. It’s worth looking into if you’re into the paranormal and pseudoscience. The first season is available on Netflix instant play.

River Monsters
Awesome show. This guy is like the dude from Man vs Wild except he’s a fisherman. A lot of the time he goes to some of the most dangerous areas all just to catch rare fish. Fish that are huge, dangerous, or huge AND dangerous. This show is way better than that crap fishing channel my dad watches. I think the whole show is on NF instant play.

I originally wasn’t interested in this show because I think Dexter is the second most unattractive name in the English language after Keith. I know it’s a stupid reason but I don’t care. Anyway, this show is fantastic. Full of blood and guts with plenty of plot twists. It’s about a murderer who murders murderers who escape justice for murdering. Can’t you just imagine how awesome that could be? I think the first 2 seasons are on NF instant play.

Kenny vs Spenny
This show is grotesque, juvenile, disgusting and ridiculous and I love it. It’s these two guys who are apparently best friends even though they hate each other most of the time. Kenny is the diabolical genius and Spenny is the little bitch who usually gets duped. Some of the competitions they do are who can blow the biggest fart, who can stay awake the longest and who can produce the most semen. Yeah. The third or fourth season is on NF instant play but you can watch almost all the episodes here for free. Your welcome.

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