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Friday, May 13, 2011

Modern Monsters #1 - Mao Zedong

Hello and welcome to my new 10 part series. In each entry I'll detail the lives and crimes of the worst human beings to have walked the planet in the last hundred years. Let's start with our buddy, Chairman Mao.

Growing up as a spoiled rich kid to a Buddhist family in Changsha, Chairman Mao was a poor student and terrible athlete. During the 1911 Revolution when he was 18, instead of joining the fight as claimed by communist propaganda, he hid out at home until things settled down and then went to a teaching academy in Hunan. After somehow making it through school he received a letter of recommendation for the super exclusive Peking University from a family friend. He was refused flat out for his poor grades. This brought about inevitable butthurt which would lead to his persecution of the academic community later on. Too ashamed to go home in failure he pretended to be a student at the university by working in the library for 2 years before being exposed. He returned home and got a job as a teacher at his old school and again, contrary to communist propaganda, he never became principal due to his poor academic performance. The butthurt he felt of being rejected from Peking got him more interested in radical politics. He ended up joining the Nationalists (Yep. The guys who actually kinda knew what they were doing) and somehow got elected local delegate for the National Conference. However, he got butthurt for the second time when he failed to wow anyone in the office and was given minimal authority. He never became executive of the Shanghai branch like the CCP would like you to believe.

What turned things around for him was when he got a job with the propaganda department. He soon left however due to his disgust at the corruption between land barons and the Nationalist Party. He made up his mind that he wanted to become a communist revolutionary but the problem was that he was widely known as a propagandist for the Nationalists and the only reason he wasn’t killed on sight was because of his daddy’s influence. Looking to get respect from the communists he started dressing and acting like a peasant and organized the Autumn Harvest Uprising in Changsha. It was a total failure. He escaped into the mountains and for some reason he was emboldened by this failure???? He talked some insurgents into joining him and thus the Red Army was born. After a while of guerilla warfare he proclaimed the Soviet Republic of China in Jiangxi. However most of the communist party hated Mao and wanted him executed. To counter this, Mao used even more brutal tactics which led to some 180,000+ people being killed. Tortured more often than not. By June 1932 Mao had enough soldiers and guns to force his leadership on the other communists and gain the attention of Chiang Kai-Shek who mobilized his armies. The Nationalists defeated the Red Army several times and eventually got the other communist leaders to stage a coup. All were defeated anyway and Mao fled like a coward in “The Long March.”

Luckily for him the Japanese soon attacked and kept the Nationalists busy while Mao regained his strength. Contrary to popular belief in China, Mao did VERY little fighting and let the Nationalists do the dirty work. After he finally overpowered the weakened forces of Chiang Kai-Shek he went to work settling old scores. He persecuted academics, supporters of the Nationalists, and anyone else who posed a threat. And in his mind everyone posed a threat. He was also the genius behind the “Great Leap Forward.” I’ve read the actual forms that outline the policy and I knew instantly that it was totally retarded. How anyone could think of something so brilliantly stupid is amazing to me. I thought it was a joke at first. I laughed at it out loud! But then when I realized it was real I was sad. :-( The GLF was the most crushing failure in human history. He pretty much forced absurd farming and working practices on Chinese people that caused untold human suffering. Mao was a terrible man who by some bizarre twist of fate was given control over a country when he wasn’t even fit to rule a rice paddy. Case closed.

Crimes- Political assassinations, extrajudicial killings, torture, implemented policies that caused mass starvation, supported expansion of communism through war, destroyed Chinese academia, repression of human rights (duh).

People killed: 42-72 million

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  1. It is interest to read the true history of Mao,and not the "official" story.When i tried to find some material about him,i always find the chinese's official version,wrote by historians of lot of countries that support him;or by haters.I think in a long time,your post is the most precise and clear that i have read.

    What a pity that in the last paragraphs you resume a lot.It could be interesting to read the Cultural Revolution and its consecuences.

    I recently watched by recomendation,the Fundation of the Republic,and well,i strongly dont recommend it.In my life i have seen a manipulative film with the the account of most lies per minute in the film.And this film is very recently...for 1 to 3 years ago...let one think a lot...

  2. you should keep a wall between your thoughts and your words.