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Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's a Mad Mad Mad World #3

Sorry it’s been a while since my last update for this series. Been busy with the Bucket List. Anyway, I’ll keep it briefer than usual.

1. Democrat’s Pro-Gay Speech- For those of you who don’t know, I am pro-gay marriage. There is no reason why gay people should not be allowed to get married and whenever they start the debate people against it always use the religious argument. Well the United States is a secular country so automatically that argument is invalid but that’s what keeps derailing the push for equality. Recently a politician said something that made so much sense I was blown away. Here’s the video. Not bad. If only everyone in this country used their brains instead of thumping a bible.

2. Despite Economic Growth, India Lets It’s Girls Die- So you know how China has a huge gender imbalance with more men than women? Well India’s is worse. Like, a LOT worse. As of right now there are 914 girls under age 6 for every 1000 boys. In 10-20 years there is going to be social chaos. And it’s all their fault. Sex-selective abortion, neglect of young girls and other barbaric practices are at fault. If the Indian people don’t wake up soon they’re going to be creating the Perfect Storm. Of shit.

3. Pakistan Aiding Osama bin Laden?- And of course the big news that everyone is still talking about is Osama bin Laden’s death. Good riddance. But that success created some problems. Firstly, no one knows whose side Pakistan is on. I’ve been saying they were playing a double game since 2003 and no one listened to me. Now, they’re trying to divert attention away from their own cowardice and inability to pull their own weight by trying to make the US look like the bad guy. Nice try Pakistan but you’re running out of friends. To understand how much of a failure Pakistan is as a nation you need to know some things about its government. There are three sources of power. The military, who throws a coup about once a decade, the ISI, who are like the organization Quantum from the James Bond movies, and the civilian government who holds the least amount of power. That’s not how you run a country. In the US, and most other western countries, the power of the civilian government is absolute. The military has no governing power at all. With the way Pakistan is run, the military and ISI do their own thing and actively choose not to obey the civilian government. So they run the country and the president has no hold over them. And each organization wants something different. No unity at all. That is what makes Pakistan a breeding ground for fanaticism.

4. Pakistani Agenda in Washington-While we’re on the topic, evidence has surfaced that Pakistan is using lobbyists in Washington to influence lawmakers opinions into believing that they weren’t helping bin Laden. Of course they were. They’re using our aid money that we gave them to battle terrorists to brainwash our leaders. PAKISTAN IS THE ENEMY.

5. Crucified South Korean- And on a weirder note, police found a 58 year old taxi driver crucified in an abandoned quarry. He was dead. Apparently he was a willing participant and whoever helped him set it up used an electric screwdriver on his hands and feet. Hey, whatever works for you.

That’s it for this edition of MMMW. Comment and let me know if there’s something YOU think should have been covered. Thanks for reading!

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